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Are you guys ready to get some exercise and work up a sweat? Check out my new fitness video, right next to this blog. It’s part of my Truth on Health Campaign, which gets kids moving and healthy – all while having fun!

In this video, we do a bunch of exercises you’ve probably done before, so they should be easy to get the hang of. They may be simple, but these are some great moves for a warm-up before any workout. Let’s start out with walking in place. Nothin’ to it, right? What you want to do is walk in place between every exercise … no stopping. Keep pumping your arms and lifting those knees high in the air to increase circulation. Gotta keep that heart rate up.

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  1. Lily;) says:

    Ha,I love it. I work with kids, always tryna get them to exercise…Is this really Paul Pierce, cause if so I am determined to meet u…no lie…not a whacked out fan.You got me thinking…

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