Guest Blog: Tufts Medical Center’s Dr. Xifaras on Summer Fun & Safety – Heat Wave!
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By Dr. Xifaras, MD – Tufts Medical Center

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  • Summer Fun & Safety – Part 5 – Heat Wave!

    The heat sure has arrived this summer with some places registering over 100 degrees. This kind of heat can be really dangerous if you spend time in it. Getting overheated can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration. Symptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke include excessive sweating, hallucinations, chills, throbbing headache, high body temperature, confusion, dizziness, and slurred speech. Tell an adult right away if you develop any of those symptoms.

    So, as much as we want to see kids playing outside, it is best to head indoors to cooler ground during this heat. It is important to drink extra water to stay hydrated because the heat causes you to sweat more than usual.

    In order to beat the heat, try and limit your outside time to early morning and evening, which tends to be the coolest time of the day. Wear a hat and sunblock at all times when outside. Just because you have to spend some time indoors doesn’t mean you can’t be active.

    Here are some indoor activities that can help you stay active:

    1. Have a treasure hunt!
    (Parents, leave notes in different rooms & have kids search for them!)
    2. Play charades
    3. Turn on some music and have a dance party
    4. Do jumping jacks during commercial breaks while watching TV
    5. Play twister
    6. Make an obstacle course with cushions from a couch

    All six are great ideas to get your FitClub34 point totals up!

    The heat wave will be over soon, but in the meantime try some of the above activities to keep you busy and active!

    Athena Xifaras, MD – Tufts Medical Center
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