Join #FitClub34 & Win Tickets for Paul’s TDGarden Suite vs Bulls on 2/12!!
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By The Truth on Health Team

Attention, Boston Celtics Fans!

Paul is giving away two sets of tickets to this Sunday’s Celtics-Bulls game at TD Garden.

This is more than a chance to see the C’s battle an Eastern Conference rival – these seats are in Paul’s personal suite at the arena, making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the winners and their friends.

So what do you need to be eligible for this unbelievable prize?

If you live in the Boston area, simply click here to sign up & purchase the FitClub watch to get active and healthy with Paul, and you’ll be entered to win!

Paul will pick two winners, and each winner will get one extra ticket for a friend!

Winners will be contacted on Friday, February 10.

Good luck, and get excited – you’re about to get in shape with the Truth!

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29 Responses to “Join #FitClub34 & Win Tickets for Paul’s TDGarden Suite vs Bulls on 2/12!!”

  1. corey hersey says:


  2. I just wanted to ask if you can pick me cuz i would love the honer to sit in your box seats and i would do anything for this chance and i would show you and everyone reaspect just please pick me, my dad loved the celtics and he is passed now but i would love this chance for him thank you

  3. natasha says:

    What’s up paul I’m ur biggest fan I would love to come to u play so I hope u pick me love you

    Love always ur 1 fan natasha thomas

  4. Pick me!!! 781-640-0604

  5. Thomas Kelly says:


    Please pick me and my wife for these tickets. My wife suffers from MS and has been having a lot of other health issues as well. I know that getting to finally see you guys play would be a dream come true. Also next week is her b-day so this would be the best present ever! Thank you for your consideration. PS we don’t live in Boston but we could def. make the trip and have friends we could stay with.

    Congrats on the record!

  6. DiMuccci says:

    I don’t have anyone sick on my life like others fortunately. What I am is a celtics fan thru and thru. I watched all those yrs of well misery in Boston but knew you were a star. It would be an honor to go with my wife to this game. Keep it up Paul.

  7. Vincent says:

    Hey man! good work last night with the record you got wouldnt leave my seat till i see you make. I saw this on facebook and i was like no way i gotta see whats up with it so here i am. I would be so pumped too get too a celtics game never been before and i would to get there and see you ball hard with one of my friends so i can get in that place and go wild with everyone. Best of luck too you and the Cs bring it home for you bud we need it! Peace bro and stay fly

  8. I want to win. I love Paul Pierce. I’m a huge Celtics fan I tweet about you guys all the time. I loved Paul since I was 11 and I’m 19 now. I have played basketball since I was 15 and I wore #34 every since. I watch him to learn new moves.. even if I don’t win the tickets I will still love Paul and the Celtics the same.

  9. Bill says:

    I’m living here in your second home Lawrence,Ks. I wasn’t really a Celtics fan until they were fortunate to have you drop into their lap on draft day. It would be a truly amazing trip to see you play live again, like the old days in Allen Fieldhouse…Rock Chalk Celtics!! Congrats on a great NBA career, but still selfish and wished you’d stuck around another year.

    Thanks, Bill

  10. bobby says:

    first off congrats for being one of the greatest celtics to ever bless that court!! you stuck with us threw some pretty ugly times and we the fans appreciate that more then you know . Your skills on the court are like no other your the heart of are team and thats the TRUTH!! i would love to come see you guys destroy them bulls so please pick me it would be an honor and if not good luck and ill be watching it screaming at the refs threw the tv lol

  11. andree s says:

    hey..I never saw a NBA Game live. I love Bball since i am a baby. I am from germany and it is not really easy to see an nba game. maybe because it is so far away. you are great keep going on and greetz to KG

  12. I’m in Chicago and am a die hard Boston fan would love this contest for Chicagoans and plus I’m a Pierce,Rondo,KG,ray Allen Etwaine Moore fan.Funny spoke with Moore after he got drafted and told him welcome to the team,he thought I stayed in Boston. Bean Town,congrats on breaking the record last night. Thanks Ms Shannon

  13. Tommy says:

    I think I should win because I’ve never lost faith in the Celtic’s I watch every game I might not live in Boston but my blood runs green for the Celtic’s. I have always wanted to go watch the Celtic’s everyone of them because there is no I in team they’ll all get the job done & let’s not forget about the couch that’s pushed us to win so many games & has never lost hope even when times get heard.

  14. Diane says:

    I want to win a set of tickets too>and that the Truth!!!

  15. Jerrold Bassett says:

    Wassup, Hey Paul im yoour Cousin , Lbr yoou Might Not belive this but Umm, Do You know my aunty electa , Grandma Ossie , Grandpa kelly. If yoou Wanna Know more of Your Familyy HMU On Facebook. Im Your Lil Cousin Jerrold Im 15 In North carolina You Never Knew me buh Ummm, HMU ON FB FOR MORE OF THE COLEMANS & Maybe we can meet for the first time. Im Serious iReally wanna meet you cuzzo

  16. Bobby says:

    Thanks for staying in Boston. I don’t got to as many games anymore but it’s still fun watching you do your thing. Best wishes.

  17. Carlos says:

    Hey Paul I wish i could take my kid to that game because for me he is the Celtics number 1 fan!and you are his favorite player he looks up to you and he has been asking me to take him to a game but we live in Puerto Rico so i was thinking of having him a surprise on going to Celtics vs Bulls game…..Go Pierce and Go Celtics!!!!! Fan for life…

  18. i hope i win those tickets i’m Pual pierce’s #1 fan.! lol.! But i hope i win dem tickets.!!! i’ve been wanting to go to a celtics game sinces who nows who.! i just wish i win the tickets cause i love basketball and to see paul in person will be a life time.! and the whole celtics team.! omg that would be soooo exiting for me.! one day i just wish i could be like the basketball player pual is.! Again i just wish i win those tickets.!

  19. Debbie Laverty says:

    Please pick me!!! I have been a fan since the Bird days. I live in Denver but would walk to get there if I won. I saw the Celtics in Denver last year but would love to see a game in the Garden!!!

  20. JESSICA says:


  21. erwin gatchalian says:

    hi paul,i’m one of your fan here in maine.i love celtics team since when i was a kid.i hope i’m one of your choice that can get those free tickets..take care and we can beat the lakers tonight….god bless the whole celtics team!!!!!love you guys…

  22. Keith Martin says:

    Hay PP! Hoping you chose us (my 13yo son and I)
    Long time Jayhawk/Celtic fans!
    If not, thanks anyway, and thank you for being such a stand-up role model for my son.
    Go C’s!

  23. Tyler Jones says:

    Peeeezzzyyyyy My Man Im already a die hard Celts fan for life throughout the thick and then like you have Iv’e been there supporting because its a fact we are the best team in the history of the league 17 banners come on now. I was so amped verse the Bobcats when you drained that 3 to pass Larry and have all the confidence in the world you will break Johns record as you still have many years left in you despite all the haters don’t listen!! I need these tix man i haven’t been to a game in so long because i never have any extra money to spare and envy these fake fans with tons of loot to attend all of your games. The last time i went was vs cleveland in the playoffs and my buddy from school took me and the whole game i was telling shaw to come to Boston and the next year he came(y’all should have won if it was vice versa and wade got hurt we wudda came out on top) Yo My man Pierce is crazy that everyone in the league looks over you in conversation for best players in the league you are and have been the most underrated star in the league and I love that bout you because you just BALL!!
    Bring home 18 My man you deserve it doc deserves it KG deserves it Ray deserves it Rondo jermaine Bass Dooling avery etwuan juan johnson wilcox smegma Marquis Pavolovic Celts for Life

  24. zeek perkins says:

    hay paul pierce i would love to see ur game against the bulls both teams i really good and i wont to have the chance to come see u play ball against them your my favorite team and i never been to a nba basketball game so i would love it if u picked me to come sit in ur box and watch you play basketball

  25. dalton gregoire says:

    hay paul pierce me and my little zeek would love to see u go against the bulls it would be a honor to watch you play basketball ive bet my to a nba game buy my little brother zeek has never been to one and i would love to bring him to your basketball game 1# fan

  26. shellee says:

    Pick me.. Pick me. I’ve been watching you sense your KU Jayhawk Days. Great job on passing Larry Bird record and becoming the Boston Celtics’ No. 2 scorer – ROCK CHALK <3

  27. Joe Greenleaf says:

    Cant wait!

  28. Bigg Deon says:

    Live In Da Chi, & Has Been A CelTic fan Since Larry Legend’s Days!!! My 13 Year Old Daughter is A CelTic Fan Also, Like Father, Like Daughter! We Could Really Use Those Tickets, Great Bonding Moment!!!

  29. Brianne Tiano says:

    Great game last night! love it how you always put your all in the game :)

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