Paul Pierce’s Suite Night at the Garden vs Heat – Raffle!
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By The Truth on Health Team

Paul Pierce is offering hoops fans the chance to win the ultimate Celtics experience, by placing twelve tickets to his personal luxury suite up for grabs when the Celtics take on the Miami Heat on April 1 at the TD Garden. The winner will be chosen through a special online raffle with proceeds benefiting Pierce’s Truth on Health Campaign.

Support Paul “The Truth” Pierce and his Truth on Health program, and you could enjoy the Celtics vs. Heat (one of the most highly anticipated games of the season) from Paul Pierce’s personal suite at TD Garden! Paul Pierce’s Truth on Health Campaign was created to help empower and encourage young people to lead healthier lifestyles.

Tickets are Just $2.00 Each (Minimum Purchase of 5 Tickets)
Entry Deadline: 11:00 AM EST on March 30, 2012

“I am thrilled to offer my fans a chance to sit in my suite while helping to raise funds to support my Truth on Health Campaign,” said Pierce.

“It is critical for kids to understand that staying active and eating healthy are the keys to leading a happy and fulfilling life, and all of the funds we raise will help give kids the tools and information they need to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Grand Prize:

* Winner and eleven (11) guests will enjoy Paul Pierce’s private suite as the Boston Celtics take on the Miami Heat at the TD Garden
* Winner will receive $500 of in-suite food and beverage service (soft drinks)
* Winner will receive a basketball autographed by Paul Pierce
* Winner and each guest will receive a Paul Pierce Activity Watch (12 Total)

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Truth on Health

69 Responses to “Paul Pierce’s Suite Night at the Garden vs Heat – Raffle!”

  1. Tim hebert says:

    I would love to win this for my brother because he has cronic Lyme disease with means he is very sick. He loves watching you guys and would love to go to a game. He is a big cleltics fan. He had a tough live for the past 4 years and his life is watching tv very rarely does he go out to do things. He would love the experience

  2. maricel says:

    i love to see the heat beat by the Celtics,i really love first five players of celtics..

  3. Donell Hollingshed says:

    Wu’s up truth Don D here I’m the biggest Celtic fan in Davenport Iowa unfortunately were not a good enough state to have a NBA team so it would be a dream come true to come to Boston and help the Croud fill the building with Celtic pride I have been a Paul Pierce fan for the longest you are my most favorite player in the NBA and that fire will never die much luck on the rest of the season

  4. Genel says:

    Will be traveling all the way from Phoenix if I win this!! Go C’s!!!

  5. We are all a Big Celtics Fan, we send love and blessing to you and all the team members directly from the island of Puerto Rico. It would mean the world to us us especialy to my two boys one which has speacial needs(autism/diabetes),to meet are star player Paul Pierce

  6. Navarro Robichaw says:

    I work for the Philadelphia Housing Authority & I’m in college for Homeland Security in which I graduate on April 11,2012 & will be going to Drexel university for my Bachelor’s in science for Business. I worked very hard for me & my 5 year old daughter to live a comfortable life.

  7. chase quesenberry says:

    Pick me please I am a die hard Celtics fan it would be the best day of my life if I could be a winner. I got all of the big 4 Jerseys and it would be an honor to watch a game in the garden

  8. Jamie Graham says:

    Am easily one of your biggest fans, been watching you play ball since you played for the Jayhawks. Watched you being drafted tenth overall in ’98, and watching you claw your way through the ranks to becoming not only one of the best Celtics ever, but also one of the game’s best ever!!! Although I’m from Ontario, Canada, would be an honour to watch you play at home(even having seen you play when you come to Toronto every chance I’ve gotten over the years)!!! ;P

  9. Angela Perez-Steele says:

    Love, love, love and support your program.
    My oldest son plays highschool football
    My daughter is a cheerleader and baseball
    And my youngest plays basketball. If we
    Were to win it would put why I push there
    Studies and keeping them active so hard
    Into perspective. My kids would really
    appreciate and value the hard work.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Love always your big fan and fan of the team.

  10. Tyrus Wilson says:

    Hey Paul pierce what’s up!!!??? I am literally dying for a chance to hang out with my family in that suite! I just recently bought a rondo jersey it’s ye only celtics jersey I could find I’m starting a collection of all of the clerics starting lineups jerseys ray Allen you kg and Brandon bass are all I need now :) Please pick me :) its almost my birthday on the 27th of march!!! It would be one less thig on my bucket list I’m 13 years ok and live in Canada thanks for reading!!!!!!

  11. Gdup's says:

    Right on The big 3 kiven garrent ray allen and paul pierce I know it won’t be me good lucky everyone else n say hi this niggaz for me they ma dogs

  12. Gdup's says:

    Yo pierce u have the sickest post move howw come u ain’t posting niggaz down g let ma boi ray allen deal with the 3 pointers work the paint up ma g

  13. Dolly Saia says:

    I bought an autographed pic of you certified at an auction when I was on vacation in Maine for 40 dollars..It just happened to be your Rookie year!!! That is how much I believed in you!!! You have done great things for the celtics and under privalaged!!I lucked out with this picture!! As you well know it was way before you started winning championships for the celtics!!! Now that is a TRUE BELIEVER!!!! God bless…I did buy raffle tickets!!! It is for a great cause …even if my number does not come up…Have a GREAT PROSPEROUS LIFE…A true fan….

  14. Jordan hansen says:

    This would be a great gift for my dad. He’s the biggest Celtics fan I know and the reason I’m a fan. He’s done SO much for me and it would be nice to give something back to him that he would love. Go Celtics!

  15. Jonathan says:

    I love the celtics. I don’t care if I win though. Just supporting the cause.

  16. Nate Jordan says:

    REALLY PEOPLE, I thought this was a raffle, not who can can kiss PP34′s azz the most… the tix go to whom ever buys the most raffle tix….seeesh! Put ya money up for a great cause, and possibly a great oppurtunity! How’s that for TRUTH!

  17. Donna Cannata says:

    I would absolutely love to win this opportunity!! Go Celtic’s!!! I would be forever grateful if I won this!!!

  18. Wally,Shoande says:

    Hello Mr Paul,
    Thanks for the opportunity given for someone to meet you and not only meet you but sit in your suite what a great opportunity.I know there is only one winer which is ME because I have never win anything before and I know this is an opportunity to change that luck..Please chose me to make that dream come through. Thank in advance

  19. Paul, Of course I would LOVE TO WIN as well as everyone else who has entered this contest. My son who has watched you since he was little now 17yrs old. Has learned alot from watching your game. We went to a game a few years back, it was great to see you all in person on the court. My son also likes Ray and does the 3 pointer shots .If we won my son wants to bring his some of his High School Basketball team as well as the coaches. And of course Mom and Dad and his brother. Their is so much to say just like everyone else. Please ! Please ! Please! pick us

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