FitClub Video #8: Doing Push-Ups the Right Way
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In a new video for his FitClub34 program, Paul Pierce demonstrates the right way to do a push-up and shows us some fun, challenging twists!

Be sure to check out all of Pierce’s exercise videos throughout the season on Celtics on Demand, exclusively on Comcast. Select the Get Local category from the On Demand menu, choose NBA TV, Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce’s FitClub34.

Join FitClub34 at and learn fun ways to get fit & stay healthy!

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One Response to “FitClub Video #8: Doing Push-Ups the Right Way”

  1. Medel says:

    see im from Baton Rouge i go to Woodlawn High school. I play fotaboll but i tried wrestling track. So with my school we work fotaboll everyday. During da season we have practice as normal but during off season we lift weights during 5th hour. then we do spring training for a week take about 2 weeks off. When summer starts we do more summer work outs which is alot of running lifting. yeah alot huh but dats jus fotaboll. now with wrestling our school wasnt known for wrestling so we jus did wrestlin only for da time between January to March then track started so i had to do both at the same time. wrestling ended it was time to do track meets. It was Over at da end of April for us we ended until this week where we have to run lift to get ready for track. so yeah it sound like a lot but its really not. im 6’2 . 235 lbs not skinny so yeah. if u really like it u wont mind it

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