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Guest Blog: Connie Evers – A Tip Sheet of Healthy Weight Habits

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

By Connie Evers MS, RD, LD – Nutrition for Kids

Connie’s Healthy Eating Blog – Healthy Weight Habits

While there is a lot of focus on childhood obesity, the problem is actually much worse among American adults – approximately two-thirds of the adult population is currently overweight or obese. The truth is that we have a child obesity problem primarily because we have a growing adult obesity problem. No matter how much we lecture or cajole our kids to eat better and increase physical activity, kids still learn primarily from watching and emulating us. The environment we create for our kids is the “normal” that they will take into adulthood.

The good news is that the reverse is also true – when parents, caregivers, teachers and other adults adopt habits that lead to healthy and successful weight management, children are also more likely to follow our lead and practice healthy behaviors.