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Paul’s Latest Blog Post + FitClub34 Video: Walk the Walk (

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Are you guys ready to get some exercise and work up a sweat? Check out my new fitness video, right next to this blog. It’s part of my Truth on Health Campaign, which gets kids moving and healthy – all while having fun!

In this video, we do a bunch of exercises you’ve probably done before, so they should be easy to get the hang of. They may be simple, but these are some great moves for a warm-up before any workout. Let’s start out with walking in place. Nothin’ to it, right? What you want to do is walk in place between every exercise … no stopping. Keep pumping your arms and lifting those knees high in the air to increase circulation. Gotta keep that heart rate up.

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Paul’s Latest Blog Post: Here’s to KU (

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

So who’s still standing in their NCAA pool? I can’t let you in on who’s ahead in our locker room, but I was doing pretty well up until my alma mater let me down. I was crushed when the Jayhawks lost to VCU last week. Not only did it kill my bracket, but I also just couldn’t believe it. I gotta give it to the Rams though, they’ve been playing amazing ball. They’ve got heart, and Coach Smart is…well…smart.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was rootin’ for Kansas all the way, and I was pretty excited because the Jayhawks killed it against Illinois and Richmond. I thought it was smooth sailing to the Final Four — but look what happened! It’s been a crazy tourney this year, but real exciting to watch.

I give KU props, though. They came a long way and outlasted a bunch of other top squads in the tournament like Louisville and Duke. Kansas is always in it and certainly had a good chance this year. I pick them every year to win it because that there’s my alma mater, and I gotta stay true to my roots. But this year they realistically had a great shot at winning it all. They’re quick and well-coached. I like the way they play. I had them up against…

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Paul’s Latest Blog: No Excuse Not To Stay Active (

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We all thought it was spring, right? And now Mother Nature’s getting all crazy on us again. Luckily, almost all the exercises from my fitness videos, which are part of my Truth on Health Campaign, can be done inside or out, so there’s no excuse not to stay active. Check out the latest clip from my new video embedded in this blog. We’re startin’ out by jogging in place. This is a great way to warm up, get the blood pumping. Don’t forget to swing those arms to really get yourself moving.

Next, get into a defensive stance. All you have to do is crouch down a little, keep your arms out and your palms up. Get your feet moving, chopping up your steps. From here, you can move on to what I call “quick feet.” You stay in defensive stance, but your feet start movin’ even faster. You’re breathing harder now, aren’t you? That means you’re really working! These are some great moves that really help with your circulation and get your heart rate up.. Remember, it’s important to get a good warm-up before any activity.

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Paul’s Latest Blog Post: Winter’s not bad, but spring is my favorite (

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

As a guy from Cali, I get asked a lot about how I’ve been able to deal with the cold weather in New England over the years. And let’s not forget now, I’m a Jayhawk and was out in Kansas for 3 years, now that’s cold.

So actually, between there and Boston, I’ve really gotten used to it and don’t mind it. Of course most of my time is dedicated to playin’ ball and the team, but when I do get to spend time with my family, there’s lots of fun things to do that I would never be able to do back in California – not where I grew up anyway.

This winter I had a few snowball fights and went sledding a bit with my daughter (I did all the pushing of course), and she loved it, laughin’ and screamin’ the whole time. That was fun. I also taught her how to roller skate, so next year we’ll be ready to get her out on ice skates.

Who knows, perhaps we’ll even get out there on the ice at the Garden. Maybe some of my guys on the B’s can hook it up for me … One thing’s for sure, my family does love winter sports. My daughter grew up here and loves the snow, especially the first snow of the year. (She certainly got enough of it this year, that’s for sure!) And though my day job prevents me from getting on skis or a snowboard, I’m definitely gonna try that down the road.

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Paul’s Latest Blog Post: Exercises for Everybody (

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am with my fitness videos. They’re part of my Truth on Health Campaign, and there’s a clip from the new one in this blog entry. So are you ready to get moving and work up a little sweat?

This is another one we shot outside. Now that the days are getting longer, there’s more time for you to get your exercise in and get some fresh air at the same time. Get your friends together, invite your parents — these exercises are for everybody.

So the first thing to try is jogging in place. Go easy at first, keep those feet close to the ground, but as you warm up, start pushing your knees higher and higher. Keep your arms and hands steady and drive your elbows back from your shoulders.

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