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Guest Blog: Connie Evers – Seeds of Success

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Connie’s Healthy Eating Blog

Edible seeds are a super source of nutrition

A “Seedy” Look at Nutrition
Seeds are some of the most nutrient-dense, yet overlooked sources of nutrition in our diet. Edible seeds are packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also add flavor, texture and interest to a wide variety of foods. Here’s a look at just a few healthy seed choices: (more…)

Guest Blog: Connie Evers – A Delicious, Heart-Healthy Chili (Plus Leftovers)

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

By Connie Evers MS, RD, LD – Nutrition for Kids

Connie’s Healthy Eating Blog – A Heart-Healthy Recipe

Earlier this month, I covered how Mediterranean diets can help promote a heart-healthy diet. In this installment, I’m sharing a heart-healthy take on a wintertime stew favorite.


Guest Blog: Connie Evers – The Benefits of Whole Grain + Recipes!

Monday, November 5th, 2012

By Connie Evers MS, RD, LD – Nutrition for Kids

Connie’s Healthy Eating Blog – Choosing and Using Whole Grains

Rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates and nutrients, whole grains provide energy for moving bodies and thinking brains.

Children really benefit from the nutrient boost that whole grains provide. Most American kids eat very few servings of whole grains and prefer products made from refined flours. When children are offered whole grains beginning at a young age, they get used to the coarser texture of whole-grain breads and cereals. I advise parents to start whole grain iron-fortified baby cereals (e.g. oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat) as soon as they begin feeding solid foods at around 6 months of age. And of course, parents who eat whole grains on a regular basis up the odds that their kids will too! (more…)