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Download and print the Walking Challenge with a chart to track your progress! (PDF) Keep track of your progress while you watch your favorite team play!

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The FitClub34 Challenge

The Challenge: How many steps can you take?

Walking is a simple way to be active and stay healthy. So make your steps count this month by counting your steps!

Here’s How You Do It:

The FitClub34 walking challenge is to take as many steps as you can. Walk to school, walk around the mall, or walk your dog.

I’ll be walking right along with you, and I take a lot of steps! Do you think you can beat me?

Keep Track of Your Progress:

Use the calendar (Download the challenge tracker) to keep track of your steps. Add all of your steps up at the end of the month and go to to report your total.

Set a goal, track your progress, and most importatnly, have fun!

Do not push yourself too much. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop or slow down to avoid injury.