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The FitClub34 Challenge

The Challenge: The Paul Pierce Fitclub34 Backpack Attack: Get Fit While You’re at School!

Turn words into weights! All you have to do is put your books into your backpack and you can turn your book bad into a weight bag! You can start off by putting just one of your books in the bag to make it just a little bit heavier for your first Backpack Attack workout. The stronger you get, the more books you can put in! Eventually, you’ll be so strong you’ll have to borrow your friends’ books because you can lift so much weight!


By either wearing your backpack for extra weight or lifting it with your arms, you can get an awesome workout with your book bag. Follow the instruction for each exercise as you go through the Backpack Attack.

For your first Backpack Attack, attempt all 10 exercises. Do each exercise 5 times and rest for 1 minute before moving on to the next exercise. The next time you do the Backpack Attack, you can add on the number of times you do each exercise!

The Goal

Start off doing ten exercises five times, which will equal one Paul Pierce Backpack Attack Challenge. If that’s too easy, add another exercise. The goal is to do 100 Paul Pierce BACKPACK ATTACK Challenges by the end of the month!

Backpack Attack 100 Exercises

Make sure to get your parents’ permission before performing these exercises.

Paul with his backpack

Mark how many Backpack Attack challenges you’ve completed on the calendar everyday day!

Congratulations to Christina and Jimmy!

Christina and Jimmy

Christina Yee and Jimmy Huang, 5th grade students of Josiah Quincy School in Boston, Massachusetts are the winners of the November FitClub34 Challenge. They helped enthusiastically motivate their classmates in achieving a total of 17,000 minutes of exercise over the month of November. Exercise minutes were earned in the classroom and at home, including walking to school, classroom JAMIN Minutes, afterschool sports, gym class and swimming. During classroom JAMIN MINUTES, Christine and Jimmy were the most inspiring and hard-working participants in short exercises, such as jumping jacks and running in place.